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Antique Maps and Views of America

10596 America. "America". Orig. copper-engraving by P. Duval. Orig. old colouring. Published in Nürnberg by J. Hoffman, 1678. With ornamental title-cartouche. 10,5:13 cm (4 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch).
Burden: The Mapping of North America II, map nr. 499, 1st state - A decorative miniature map of America.
 CZK 9000 / EUR 370
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19917 - "America". Orig. copper-engraving from P. Bertius' "Tabulae Geographicae ...". Published in Amsterdam by J. Hondius Jr., 1616/18. With ornamental title-cartouche with the scale of map ("Miliaria Germanica co."), a sea-creature and Latin title ("Descriptio Americae") above the map. 9,5:13,5 cm (3 3/4 x 5 1/4 inch.).
Burden, map 183; Koeman III, map 9000:342, ed. 342:01 (1616/18 Tabulae). - A miniature map of America.
 CZK 8000 / EUR 302
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19623 - "America". Orig. copper-engraving from the German edition of A. Ortelius' Epitome, published in Frankfurt am Main by L. Hulsius (Hulst), 1604. With ornamental title-cartouche, a ship, two sea-creatures, ornamental corners and printed title above the map. 8,5:12,5 cm (3 1/4 x 5 inch.).
Burden: The Mapping of North America, map nr. 143; Koeman III, map 9000:333, ed. 333:41 (1604 Außzug). - A miniature map of America.
 CZK 8000 / EUR 302
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00017 - "Americae nova tabula". Orig. copper-engraving. Published by W. J. Blaeu in Amsterdam, 1630. Coloured. With ornamental title-cartouche, another ornamental cartouche with inset map of Greenland and many ships and sea-creatures. The map is surrounded by 3 decorative borders: 10 pairs of native Americans by the sides and 9 plans of American main cities and harbors of the time (La Habana, Santo Domingo, Cartagena, Mexico City, Cusco, Potosi, La Mocha, Rio de Janeiro and Olinda) at the top of the map. 41,5:56 cm (16 1/4 x 23 1/4 inch.).
Burden: The Mapping of North America, map nr. 189, 4th state, German edition; Koeman II, map 9000:2, ed. 2:231 (1641-42 German). - Blaeu's figural map of America represents a pinnacle of Dutch cartography of 17th century. - Price includes the passe-partout (60:73,5 cm).
 CZK 110000 / EUR 4150
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20262 - "Americae sive Indiae Occidentalis Tabula Generalis". Orig. copper-engraving from P. Cluver's "Introductionis in Universam Geographicam". Published in Amsterdam by Elzevier Press, 1659. With ornamental title-cartouches. 12:12,5 cm (4 3/4 x 5 inch.).
A miniature map of America. - Philipp Cluver (also Clüver, Klüwer, Cluwer, or Cluvier, Latinized as Philippus Cluverius) (1580, Danzig - 1622, Leiden) was an Early Modern German geographer and historian.
 CZK 2400 / EUR 91
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10626 - "Carte pour servir a l'histoire philosophique et politique des Etablissemens du Commerce des Europeens, dans les deux Indes". Orig. copper-engraving, R. Bonne, ca. 1780. With ornamental title-cartouche. 32,5:45,5 cm (12 3/4 x 18 inch.).
A map of the southern part of North America, Mexico and West Indies, South America, Atlantic Ocean and western coast of Africa.
 CZK 2500 / EUR 105
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15714 - "L'Amerique selon l'Etendue de Ses Principales Parties et don't les Points Principaux sont placez sur les dernieres Observations des Geographes, publieé par Jean Walch: se vend au negoce de Martin Will a Augsbourg". Orig. copper-engravings. Published in Augsburg by J. Walch and J. M. Will, ca. 1790. Orig. old colouring. With figure title-cartouche and explanatory notes ("Explication des Couleurs"). 45:57,5 cm (17 3/4 x 22 3/4 inch.; map of North America) and 45,5:57,5 cm (18 x 22 3/4 inch.; map of South America).
A large map of America. Printed on 2 sheets, not joined. - Johannes Walch (1757-1824) was a cartographer and map publisher of Augsburg, son-in-law of Johann Martin Will to whom he succeeded in 1806.
 CZK 18000 / EUR 661
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21198 - "Novus Orbis sive America Meridionalis et Septentrionalis". Orig. copper-engraving, M. Seutter, Augsburg, ca. 1730. Orig. old colouring. With great figure (Indians) title-cartouche and another figure cartouche with explanatory notes. 50:58 cm (19 3/4 x 23 inch.).
A decorative map of America. - Nice, strong impression. Margins cutted closely (2-8 mm) to the desk. A miniature rusty stain rigt of the title-cartouche under the tropic of Capricorn.
 CZK 25000 / EUR 944
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09804 - "Zur V. Haup. Kar. 1. Neben Kart. America Nach der Religion". Orig. copper-engraving from A. Desing's Historica Auxilia, published by Ch. Holst in Sulzbach, 1733. With title-cartouche and another decorative cartouche. 13,5:11,5 cm (5 1/4 x 4 1/2 inch.).
A miniature map of America.
 CZK 2400 / EUR 100
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Antilles (West Indies)
07971 Antilles (West Indies). "Archipelagi Americani delineatio geographica". Orig. copper-engraving from H. Scherer's "Atlas novus", published in Augsburg, 1702-1710. With ornamental title-cartouche, another ornamental cartouche with explanatory notes, the scale of map, some sea-creatures, sailing ships and a view with many ships and traders and Latin text above: "Harum Insularum Fructibus ac Marcibus onerant suas naves Hispani Galli & Angli" (roughly translated: "These islands produce fruit and commodities that are transported by ship to Spain, France and England"). 23:34 cm (9 x 13 1/2 inch.).
Very decorative map of the West Indies, with a portion of Central America and the northern tip of South America.
 CZK 9000 / EUR 340
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