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Artistic Photography
20856 "Fotografie 1928 - 1958". Published by SNKLHU in Prague, 1959. A portfolio of 20 original b&w photos (F. Drtikol, J. Funke, K. Hájek, A. Paul, E. Wiškovský, J. Jeníček, M. Hák, Z. Feyfar, K. Ludwig, V. Chochola, Z. Tmej, J. Sudek, J. Ehm, J. Prošek, K. Plicka, T. Honty, J. Brok, V. Jírů, J. Lukas, E. Einhorn) in ill. protective case (S. Kohout) with foreword by J. Kainar and a list of photos. Fol. (30,5:20,5 cm).
Photos in very good condition, only one with bent corner. A protective case in a good condition with some water stains on the right side of the front desk.
 CZK 15000 / EUR 566
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10860 Funke, Jaromir (1896-1945). "Jaromir Funke". Published by Pressfoto in Prague, 1979. Edice mezinarodni fotografie / Svazek 2. Portfolio containing 12 B/W Photographs (Bromoil prints). 4°. Text by Antonin Dufek, in Czech, Russian, German, English & French. Boards and graphic-design by Libor Fara. Original boards (Portfolio). In very good condition.
 CZK 20000 / EUR 830
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06069 Straka, Bohumil. "Josef Sudek ve Stromovce". Orig. photography. On the backside: a stamp of ČFVU, 28. října (October) 1985, photographer's address and (written by a pencil) "Fotograf zasloužilý umělec J. Sudek" (Photographer merited artist J. Sudek). 49,5:40 cm (19 1/2 x 15 3/4 inch.).
 CZK 9000 / EUR 340
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Posters and Public notices
10206 "Její pastorkyně". Orig. barevný filmový plakát, Atl. Bruno, Praha, 1938. 94,5:30 cm.
Použilo Lido Bio Sušice.
 CZK 400
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14934 Golem (movie). "Golem un film de Julien Duvivier". Prague: ITE, (1936). Promotional material of Ateliery Barrandov for a Czech production's movie for French distribution. Fol. (46:31,5 cm). (12) pages with French text printed in red and black, with photos and modernistic photomotages. An issue in the original paper envelope. Announcement from the time with Czech text attached.
Orange envelope soiled, threadbare and with a crack (ca. 3 cm) right in the middle (see picture).
 CZK 4500 / EUR 180
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