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Terms of Sale

Prices are listed without shipping and insurance cost. We send the goods upon recieving payment for pro-forma invoice that we send to you immediately upon recieving your order.

You can place your order

An order should include the identification numbers of the items subject to order and a full billing contact, i.e the name of the person or company placing the order and a phone/fax number or e-mail which can be used for verification.

Any goods bought can be sent back for a full refund within five days following the purchase.

A bank transfer is currently the only available form of payment.

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General Information

Our on-line catalgoue currently lists only a representative sample of our supply. Please contact us, if you can't find some item of your interest on this site. We believe that we can answer the needs of the most demanding customer, particularly in the field of antique topographic engravings, vistas and 15-19th century maps of all parts of the world.

We guarantee the old prints in our stock to be the original woodcuts, engravings, or litographies with the due date listed. If the colouring is later than the engraving we mark it as "col.", yet even then it fully corresponds to the original colours. All the prints and books described are, unless noted otherwise, very well preserved. This generally means a substantially higher degree of preservation to the one common with an average collector. Proffesional restoration and conservation is noted as well. With an old map from an atlas, the usual central fold is not considered a defect. The same applies for a fold that has been professionaly straightened. Size is described in metric units, in height-to-width format.